Woman sues VH1 for showing her Naked on…a dating show where people get naked.

In yet another example of why we think people are idiots, a woman who appeared on the VH1 reality series, Dating Naked, filed a $10 million lawsuit against VH1 and its corporate parents, after the show aired a scene in which she was naked on Dating Naked. Now of course you might be thinking, “Hey, what did she expect?”, in which case, you do not know much about the “bait and switch” of television and you underestimate the intelligence of people who want to be on TV so badly, they agree  to be seen naked by the multitudes or at least a stranger and film crew.

According to the plaintiff, Jessie Nizewitz, an aired episode featured a scene where she and her date wrestled naked on a beach and there was a short non-digitized view of her non-bedazzled va-jay-jay. For some reason, she believed that wrestling naked in front of cameras was not going  a problem because show’s producers promised her that all nudity would be censored or shown in a “dignified way”. According to the complaint the producers agreed to broadcast only her blurred vagina and anus on all showings. If that is so, we may have a breach of contract suit, though the very brief shot (which I have not seen) may indicate an unintentional lack of editing. Or it could have been very intentional. Broken promises are nothing new in Hollywood.

But where this gets really interesting is that our plaintiff, a 28 year old model who agreed to get naked with a stranger for a TV show, is claiming mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment. She argues that once the show aired she immediately received text messages from friends and family. One message read, “So your money shot is on cable TV”. This, of course, is horrible. It means a 28 year old woman has a friend or family member who does not know what a money shot is.

Besides that tragic realization, plaintiff also claims that she was further harassed on social media. Apparently, people who watched the show to see naked people, told one of those naked people, that they saw her naked. According to the complaint, the incident was so shocking to the gentleman she was dating that he never called her back once the show aired. This is, of course a triple whammy as she describes the man as “employed, Jewish, in his 30s and that’s pretty much ideal”. Wherever will she find another employed, Jewish man in his 30s who is ok with his new leading lady being naked and wrestling on the beach with some other guy, but won’t be traumatized by seeing her vagina or anus for a split second on TV? I do not know, ladies and gentlemen, and it is too distressing to contemplate.

By the way, did I mention plaintiff is a model? Not to disparage models, but nobody becomes a model because they dislike being looked at. (Or do they? Models feel free to contact me and let me know. Do NOT send pictures, I will take your word for it). And here we have someone who decided to get more exposure and is now allegedly distressed that she got a few inches more than she wanted. This may actually become an interesting case because we could have liability for the breach of contract with very low damages and no liability on the mental anguish torts. At first blush, I like the odds for the Defense.

But, it is early and a long way to go before we get to the naked truth.

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