Man dies from a pain in the ass and a fatal mistake

This has very little to do with law or wrestling or pop culture. I just find it hilarious and sad at the same time that a grown man died because he placed a sex toy in his rectum, where it remained lodge for several days, and then he died from septic shock. He died because he was too embarrassed to tell his doctor.

I often tell people that there are two people you should never lie to. You can lie to your priest, your minister, your rabbi, your parents, your children, your spouse, and almost anyone else. But lying to your doctor or your your lawyer can prove fatal. These people need to know every fact in order to properly protect you and help you. So, don’t tell your doctor you gave up smoking when you, in fact, are still puffing away. And don’t tell your lawyer that you have no documentation for an issue in a case when you actually had it and destroyed, Putting pride before your health and freedom is a risky endeavour, usually met with an early demise on the outside and a slow death within.