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Wrestling with Brady (and why you should stop crying over it)

And so it begins again. All the way from the far reaches of the great halls, taverns, pubs, trains, highways and byways of New England come the howls of its’ citizens. With anger not seen in New England since Grady Little left Pedro Martinez in a little too long in the ALCS, the residents of the Hub of the Universe and its surrounding burbs and towns are up in arms. This time, because a three-judge panel from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in a 2-1 decision that Tom Brady will have his four-game suspension from the “Deflategate” Scandal reinstated. Yes, that Tom Brady, the fantasy baby’s daddy of half of New England (and actual baby’s daddy of who knows how many) is suspended again. For now. And like it or not, it is entirely justified.

Right about here, is where the folks come in who will scream, “But, Brady didn’t do anything!” Except, of course, he did do something. And what he did hurt him. But that is not why the reinstating of the suspension is justified. No, it is justified because the players screwed themselves.

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