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How fans and juries screw it up and why they should stop

One of the highlights of the Wrestlemania Weekend is the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Originally an awards dinner open only to WWE personnel and special invitees, the ceremony is now open to the ticket buying public. Sadly, on more than one night, the fans have decided to entertain themselves by booing inductors, starting chants during speeches, and offering a slew of moments geared towards amusing themselves or being the focal point attention for those┬áseated near them. And it is not just Wrestlemania. I have been at numerous independent and major league wrestling shows where a set of fans take it upon themselves to become the focus of attention, taking time and attention from those actually working. So just like fans can screw up a good thing by going too far in any direction, so it is with juries apparently. Continue reading “How fans and juries screw it up and why they should stop”