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Who is that Masked Man and why are we honoring a contract with him? (The Mr. R Angle Part II)

Greetings Grappling and Law fans. Sorry for the delay in posting part 2 of the Mr. R series. As is sometimes the case, our legal duties took precedence yesterday. But, it is a beautiful morning here at the Anderson abode, the Dragon (our Goldendoodle) is enjoying the outdoor air, I am enjoying my coffee and morning cigar (My Father Robusto) outside and it is time to get back to the series.

As you may recall, our last post in this series addressed who actually owns a championship. Having established that a champion only has a right to possession and not ownership, we have established that at the time Ted Dibiase was champion he had the right to possess the championship, subject to the will of the wrestling commission or promotion or whatever governing body was being claimed at the time.

We got that. So what does that have to do with contracts?
A great deal. In the kayfabe world of pro wrestling, champions were expected to defend their titles against worthy challengers. Though what made someone a worthy challenger was always subject to the needs of a storyline. Oddly, a great way of getting title shots was often to attack the champion or his close friend or family members. This is what I like to call “How to use assault and battery to your benefit” (a subject we will delve into more deeply at another time”). In this case, Mr. R received title shots because Dibiase was obsessed with proving he was Tommy Rich. Of course, everybody figured out it was Tommy Rich, but let us not get distracted from the story.
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