Jennifer Lawrence loses her privacy and so do we.

There are days where I just want to grab someone by the collar and scream, “WTF is wrong with you?”.

As many of you know, the issue of “revenge porn” (the distribution of nude photographs of a former significant other without their consent) is now a common theme. Yesterday, we learned that several celebrities had their icloud accounts hacked and now someone is distributing, or attempting to distribute those nude photos. Though some of these celebrities claim pictures of them are fake (like some of the bodies perhaps) others admit that the photos are authentic. According to some reports, the hackers are willing to release more photos for money. Classy folks, there.

Needless to say (but I will anyway), some of these celebs, including Jennifer Lawrence, have unleashed warnings through their attorneys and rightly so. This is theft. What is unclear is exactly who it is theft from. If Apple has an agreement like many other online services, there may be a provision granting Apple rights to those photos, in which case the hackers, buyers, and distributors could face the wrath of a powerhouse. If Apple does not have such a provision, then they only face the wrath of a pissed off Hollywood. A Hollywood that includes Apple.

I confess, I am a J-Law fan. Love her work, think she is adorable, and she clearly has the ability to poke fun at herself. And if she wants to appear naked, and not blue, in a film I certainly would not object. But, the idea of seeing her like this is abhorrent. The idea that any of us would see someone like this, vulnerable and intimate without their consent, is abhorrent. And if they can do that to them, they can do it to us all.

Piece by piece we have placed our privacy in the hands of others and time after time, despite their efforts, it gets exposed. While we may not be able to do much to prevent these breaches, we can certainly do a great deal not to encourage them.