BREAKING NEWS: Jesse Ventura wins defamation lawsuit against “The American Sniper”

In what can be called a battle of SEAL v. SEAL, former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura was victorious in his lawsuit today against the estate of Chris Kyle. Kyle, famed as the “Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History”, wrote a book with that moniker as the title. In it, he made several claims about a┬áthinly disguised Ventura, then later admitted Ventura was exactly whom he was writing about.

The interesting thing about this case is that defamation is hard to prove when involving public figures, especially one with a complicated history like Ventura’s. The 8-2 verdict indicates that at least two people took Ventura’s colorful history in account before reaching a decision.

According to the story, all Ventura wanted from Kyle was an apology and an admission that several statements were false. With Kyle’s death he is not likely to get either. And if he does, then Kyle was an even bigger badass than his known history has already revealed.