Welcome to Wrestling with the Law

Greetings. My name is Eric D. Anderson, and I practice law in the great state of California.
So why “Wrestling with the Law”?  First, because long before I ever stepped into a courtroom as a member of the bar, long before I was a legal intern, long before I was a law student, I fell in love with the law idea of becoming a lawyer.  Inspired by a 1970s piece of pop culture (more on that in another post), I wanted to be a lawyer since I was six years old.  Getting there was a bit of a battle and staying in it is sometimes one as well. But, after 14 years of this, we have a pretty good handle on what we are doing. We like the familiar but still like getting out of our comfort zone. After years of practicing as a prosecutor, county counsel, corporate attorney, and a cup of coffee as someone’s associate, I started my own practice in 2012 when I was inspired by the words of my grandfather: “Life is like a dog sled team. If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.”

This blog also gets its name from another great passion of mine, professional wrestling.  Because I also fell in love at a young age with the world of professional wrestling.  The art, the athleticism, the psychology, the pomp and circumstance, thrilled me to no end.  And the more my two worlds merged the more I realized how little most people know about either.  So why not use one to educate us about the other?

This blog may not always be educational and it probably will not be limited to applying the law to the world of pro wrestling. There will be other examples of pop culture and the often incorrect presentations of it. I am sure it will be a work in progress, much like the practice of law and just about everything else in life. I look forward to an exchange of ideas as well as we confront some of the legal issues faced by those in the industry today, from the WWE to the indy circuit. I Hope you enjoy.

And yes, the opinions expressed are mine alone except where otherwise noted and unless it gets me in a world of trouble.